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All about Senseo!

Senseo is an extremely popular system for brewing coffee from Dutch companies Philips and Douwe Egberts. The main characteristics of the system are its coffee pads, its design, its easy to use system, and its coffee quality.

The Senseo was first introduced in the Netherlands in February 2001, and quickly became popular for making a sensational cup of freshly brewed coffee with a rich crema layer on top in just seconds.

Numerous other countries around the world followed, and more that 30 million Senseo's have been sold up to now. The Senseo Latte was introduced in 2008 and allows the user to make cappuccino and macchiato from fresh milk.

The main coffee blends available are mild, regular, mocca and dark roast and there is also a decaffeinated variety. The special blends, Colombia, Kenya and Brazil are blended from arabica coffees from selected plantations. There are also coffee pads with added flavors, called Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Sevilla & Marrackech. More recent varieties launched in selected European markets include cappuccino, café choco and espresso.



Senseo Coffee Machine
In Finland, you can buy your Senseo here!